Best tourist places in Meghalaya

Meghalaya, a northeastern state in India, is known for its stunning natural beauty, including lush green landscapes, cascading waterfalls, and unique cultural heritage. Here are some of the best tourist places to visit in Meghalaya:

  • Cherrapunji (Sohra): Famous for being one of the wettest places on Earth, Cherrapunji offers breathtaking views of waterfalls like Nohkalikai Falls, Seven Sisters Falls, and Dainthlen Falls. The living root bridges of the Khasi tribe, formed by training the roots of rubber trees over decades, are also a major attraction.
  • Mawsynram: Another contender for the title of the wettest place on Earth, Mawsynram is known for its lush green landscapes, caves like Mawjymbuin Cave, and waterfalls like Mawphlang Falls. The village itself offers a glimpse into the lifestyle and culture of the Khasi tribe.
  • Shillong: The capital of Meghalaya, Shillong is often referred to as the “Scotland of the East” due to its scenic beauty. The city offers attractions such as Ward’s Lake, Shillong Peak, Elephant Falls, and the Don Bosco Museum, which showcases the culture and heritage of Northeast India.
  • Dawki: Located near the Bangladesh border, Dawki is famous for its crystal-clear Umngot River, where boating and kayaking are popular activities. The suspension bridge over the river offers stunning views of the surrounding landscapes.
  • Mawlynnong: Known as the cleanest village in Asia, Mawlynnong offers a glimpse into the eco-friendly practices of the Khasi tribe. The village is known for its cleanliness, living root bridges, and panoramic views of the Bangladesh plains.
  • Nongkhnum Island: Situated in the West Khasi Hills district, Nongkhnum Island is the second-largest river island in Asia. Visitors can enjoy activities like trekking, camping, and birdwatching amidst the serene surroundings.
  • Jaintia Hills: This region is known for its caves, including the famous Mawsmai Cave and Siju Cave. The Jaintia tribe’s unique culture and traditions are also worth exploring in this area.
  • Balpakram National Park: Located in the South Garo Hills district, Balpakram National Park is known for its rich biodiversity, including various species of flora and fauna. The park is also home to several sacred groves and breathtaking landscapes.

These are just a few highlights of the many tourist attractions that Meghalaya has to offer. The state’s natural beauty, coupled with its vibrant culture and heritage, makes it a must-visit destination for travelers seeking offbeat experiences.

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