How to calculate percentage discount

Calculating a percentage discount is a common task used in shopping, sales, and finance. To calculate the final price after applying a percentage discount, follow these steps:

Formula for Calculating Percentage Discount:

Discount Amount = Original Price × (Discount Percentage / 100)

Final Price = Original Price – Discount Amount


  1. Determine the Original Price:
    Let’s say the original price of an item is $100.
  2. Determine the Discount Percentage:
    If the item is on sale for 20% off, the discount percentage is 20.
  3. Calculate the Discount Amount:
    Using the formula mentioned above:
   Discount Amount = $100 × (20 / 100) = $20
  1. Calculate the Final Price:
    Subtract the discount amount from the original price:
   Final Price = $100 - $20 = $80

In this example, the final price of the item after a 20% discount is $80.

Remember, the same formula can be applied whether you’re dealing with dollars, euros, or any other currency. Just substitute the appropriate currency symbol in the calculations.

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