How to follow up on a job application

Following up on a job application is an important step to demonstrate your interest and enthusiasm for the position. Here are some steps you can take to follow up effectively:

  • Wait for a reasonable amount of time: After submitting your application, give the company some time to review it. Typically, waiting for about one to two weeks is considered appropriate before following up.
  • Find the right contact: Look for the appropriate contact person or department within the company to direct your follow-up. This could be the hiring manager, human resources department, or the person listed in the job posting.
  • Craft a polite email: Write a brief and professional email expressing your continued interest in the position. Include your name, the position you applied for, and the date of your application. Politely inquire about the status of your application and express your willingness to provide any additional information if needed.
  • Personalize your message: If you can find the name of the hiring manager or recruiter, address your email directly to them. Personalization shows that you’ve done your research and are genuinely interested in the position.
  • Keep it concise: Keep your follow-up email short and to the point. Busy hiring managers appreciate clear and concise communication.
  • Remain polite and professional: Regardless of the response you receive, maintain a positive and professional demeanor. Even if you haven’t heard back, don’t assume the worst. Sometimes the hiring process takes time.
  • Follow any instructions: If the job posting provided specific instructions for follow-up, such as a preferred method of contact or a timeframe for follow-ups, make sure to adhere to those instructions.
  • Use other channels if necessary: If you haven’t received a response to your email after a reasonable amount of time, you might consider reaching out via phone if contact information is available. However, always be respectful of the company’s preferred communication methods.

Remember, following up on a job application demonstrates your enthusiasm and determination, but it’s also important to strike the right balance and not appear overly aggressive or impatient.

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