How to calculate percentage of marks

To calculate the percentage of marks, you’ll need to know the total possible marks and the actual marks obtained. Here’s how you do it:

Formula for Calculating Percentage of Marks:

Percentage = (Obtained Marks / Total Marks) * 100


  1. Determine the Obtained Marks:
    Let’s say a student scored 75 marks in a test.
  2. Determine the Total Marks:
    If the total marks for the test were 100, you would use 100 as the total marks in the formula.
  3. Plug the Values into the Formula:
    Using the formula mentioned above, plug in the values:
   Percentage = (75 / 100) * 100 = 75%

So, the student scored 75% on the test.

Example 2:

If a student scored 560 out of 800 in an exam, the calculation would be:

   Percentage = (560 / 800) * 100 = 70%

Remember, this formula works for any kind of exam, quiz, or assignment where you have the total marks and the marks obtained. It gives you the percentage of marks scored out of the total possible marks, helping you understand the performance relative to the maximum achievable score.

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